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His Dirty Photos

Forbidden First Time Sex

by Emme Cox

I confess to Nick, the handsome older man in charge of me, that my body image issues is why I'm still untouched. Nick decides to prove I’m pretty by taking my picture. But when the shoot is over, he wants more. It’s wrong but he doesn't care. He's determined to be my first as he bends me over and shows me what his dirty photos of me did to him.

~ Approx. 4,700 words | 19 pages

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Nick straightens after one last click and I meet his gaze. I’m shocked and thrilled by the evident lust in his eyes. He has the fixed stare of a hungry animal ready to pounce on his latest meal.

“That’s enough for now,” he says, stepping away from the camera.

I smile. “Can I see the shots you took?”

“I’ll show them to you later,” he says, approaching the bed. “But I want to show you something else.”

When he stands right in front of me, my gaze is pulled to his crotch. The outline of an erection in his pants is large and obvious.

“Do you see, sweetheart?” he says in a husky voice. “This is what your gorgeous body did to me when I saw you earlier and while I was taking your picture.”

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