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His Big Reveal

Forbidden First Time Sex

by Emme Cox

When my bestie suggests that Luke has a big thing, I get curious. It’s wrong, he’s the one in charge of me, but I have to know. So I beg Luke to let me see it and he proposes a deal: if he shows me his, I have to show him mine. Right after Luke’s big reveal, I spread wide for him.

~ Approx. 5,400 words | 22 pages

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“I just… I keep thinking about it. I know it’s inappropriate but I’m obsessed with wanting to know. That’s why I believe if I just see it then this craziness will stop.” I give him a pleading look, my voice soft. “Please. I won’t tell anyone you showed me, I promise!”

Luke doesn’t respond right away. His stare burns into mine. Then he takes a few steps closer, totally invading my personal space.

“Since you’re under my care, it’s my duty to teach you things you might not know about men.” His low growl and sudden nearness whips my heart into a race again. I tremble where I stand. “When a young, pretty girl like you asks a man to show her what he has, he’s going to expect you to show him what you have too. If I show you mine, are you going to show me yours, sweetheart?”

I’m reeling, stunned by Luke’s suggestion I show him myself. The challenge in his eyes is clear, his nearness an obvious play at intimidation. He’s trying to scare me into backing down and walking away. Too bad. I’m just as stubborn and determined as him to get my way.

I purse my lips. “Deal.”

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