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For Him To See

Forbidden First Time Sex

by Emme Cox

When Ryan catches me touching myself on the dining room table, he says I need correction. Bent over, I endure as Ryan spanks my tushy pink. But instead of learning my lesson, I get more aroused. And Ryan knows it too. Soon, I’m back up on the table and spread wide for him to see how naughty I really am.

~ Approx. 5,300 words | 22 pages

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“Show me,” he rasps.

That’s wrong, I should say but I don’t. The wrongness of it all is exactly why I want to obey his demand. The hunger in his eyes excites me too much.

I climb up onto the table like before and pull my legs up. Then I lean back on my hands and spread my legs wide open for him to see.

“Jesus,” he says softly, his ravenous gaze fastened on me.

His muscular arms visibly tense. I shiver in delight. This is my first time showing myself to a man and it’s Ryan. And I can tell he likes what he sees because he looks like he wants to eat me alive.

Never taking his eyes off me, he reaches for the closest chair and pulls it right in front of me. Then he sits and licks his lips like he’s about to have a tasty feast and I’m the main course.

He slides his hands up my calves in a gentle caress, his thumbs smoothing back and forth across my shins.

“I want you to touch yourself like you were doing earlier, baby,” he says in a gravelly voice. “Push your fingers deep inside too, nice and slow for me.”

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