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Giving It Up To Him

Forbidden First Time Sex

by Emme Cox

When my ex dumps me for not putting out, Neil comforts me that I’ll find a guy who deserves me some day. He’s so right. I’ve always wanted my first time to be with someone I love. Even if it’s wrong and forbidden, I’ll give it up to the one man who deserves me the most: Neil.

~ Approx. 5,400 words | 22 pages

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“Natasha, what are you doing?” he asks in a low voice. He stares down at me, his eyebrows drawn together. “You’ve been acting strange lately. Your clothes… the way you touch me…” He looks away and takes another deep breath. “I don’t know. Maybe I’m reading this all wrong.”

I hesitate, prepared to lie that I don’t know what he means.

“You’re not wrong.” I pull away from his side and climb into his lap. “I want you to fuck me, Neil.”

His stunned gaze sweeps over me, taking in the fact that I’m sitting on his lap. Can he feel the heat between my legs seeping into his crotch?

He swallows, his mouth working to form words.

“Tash, that’s way out of line,” he rasps. “We can’t have sex.”

“We can. We’re just not supposed to.”

I lean down and kiss him directly on the lips. My first time doing such a thing to him. His hands immediately grasp my waist. I wait for him to push me away. I even feel the tension in his arms wanting to do it.

But when I mash my breasts against his chest and slide my tongue along the seam of his lips, he instinctively opens his mouth.

His hesitation bites the dust the moment our tongues touch. He locks me into a tight embrace and kisses me hungrily, dominating my mouth with his. I moan as arousal burns through my body like a wildfire. I’ve never had a kiss as hot as the one I’m sharing with Neil.

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