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Ebook cover of Never Been Tasted by Emme Cox

Never Been Tasted

A Forbidden First Time BWWM Age Gap Short

by Emme Cox

After I confess the humiliating reason why I dumped my boyfriend to my dad’s best friend Liam, he’s determined to prove my ex wrong. He spreads me for a taste, unconcerned that he’s twice my age and I’m off-limits. And when he’s done enjoying me on his lips, he gives me exactly what I need, claiming my first time without protection.

Never Been Tasted is a spicy, forbidden first time black woman + white man (bwwm) interracial age gap short story featuring dad’s best friend, dominant older man younger woman, and breeding themes.

~ Approx. 5,000 words | 21 pages

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forbidden age gap breeding dad's best friend virgin bwwm interracial black woman white man




“It’s his loss. Not just for losing you, but for refusing what you were offering him. Giving a woman oral pleasure isn’t gross or emasculating. It’s fucking incredible.” He moves closer, his voice husky. “If it were me, you wouldn’t even have to ask, sweetheart. I would gladly enjoy you for as long as you’d let me.”

Stunned, I’m still trying to process his admission and come up with an appropriate response when he takes another step, invading my personal space. He grabs my waist and walks me backward, a determined glint in his eyes.

“Liam, what are you doing?”

The backs of my thighs hit the edge of something soft yet firm. His bed. Liam gives me a gentle push and I gasp as I fall backward onto the mattress. Looming over me, he holds my shocked gaze.

“I’m going to prove your ex is an idiot for what he said by doing what he refused to do.”

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