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Ebook cover of Never Been Kissed by Emme Cox

Never Been Kissed

A Forbidden First Time Age Gap Short

by Emme Cox

I’m so inexperienced, I’ve never been kissed. When my dad’s best friend Noah learns this, he gives me a scorching hot kiss that leads to more. There’s a party going on downstairs, and we might get caught, but Noah doesn’t care. He’s determined to claim me even though he’s twice my age and I’m off-limits. It’s my first time, but he’s not gentle. He bends me over and gives me the hard and rough loving I crave, going deep without protection.

Never Been Kissed is a spicy, forbidden first time/virgin age gap short story featuring dad’s best friend, dominant older man younger woman, rough risky sex, and breeding themes.

~ Approx. 5,100 words | 21 pages

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Noah just stares at me. Each second that passes where he says nothing in response makes me self-conscious about what I just told him. Then, to my surprise, he leans closer, cups my cheek and kisses me.

His lips are warm and soft against mine, his stubble grazing me. I’m frozen. Not only am I finally experiencing my first kiss, it’s with Noah. Without thinking, I lean into the kiss, until I remember this is not something the two of us should do at all. I pull back, rubbing my lips together, his kiss still present on them.

“Why did you do that?” I ask.

“It’s a damn shame your pretty lips were never appreciated like they deserve, sweetheart,” he says, his gaze half-lidded. “I felt like I needed to fix that.”

I blush. “But it’s wrong. We’re not supposed to kiss. I mean, a quick one on the cheek is fine, but not like what you just did.”

He lets out a soft scoff. “Oh, please. That kiss was too sweet to mean anything. You can give one like that to just about anyone. Let me show you the kind of kiss I shouldn’t be giving you, sweetheart.”

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