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Erica's Double Exam (Audio)

A Taboo MFM Age Gap Short

by Emme Cox | Narrated by Aracelis Gotay

Nathan is the best friend of the man-in-charge and my new sexy doctor. Spread wide on a table, I undergo Nathan’s thorough intimate medical exam while his cute assistant watches. Then it becomes more and so wrong. I’m Nathan’s best friend’s 18-year-old princess, and he’s my doctor. But I don’t want it to stop as the two hot men take me, use me, and share me… without protection.

Erica’s Double Exam is a taboo mfm menage age gap erotica short story. It includes two sexy older men focused only on an inexperienced younger woman, a dirty medical exam by a sexy doctor, and rough and risky threesome loving.

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Nathan stared between my legs for longer than seemed appropriate. Then he brought his wheelie stool closer and sat on it. He rolled right up to the edge of the table until his face was practically between my spread legs.

“I’m going to do your internal exam, Erica,” Nathan said in a low voice bordering on seductive, his gaze locked on mine. “I need to insert my fingers deep inside you, but you need to be lubricated first for your comfort. Do you want me to use an artificial lubricant, or would you prefer it naturally through stimulation?”

My heart rate sped up, my voice almost a squeak.

“What kind of stimulation?”

“I can massage you with my fingers and mouth, and Jared can touch you as well.”

I gaped at him then at Jared before fixing my shocked gaze on Nathan again.

“You’re allowed to do that?”

“It depends on what you allow us to do to you, sweetheart.”

There was no doubt that what Nathan suggested was wrong and unprofessional to the extreme. When he’d said things might get inappropriate, he certainly wasn’t lying. Yet the thought of my dad’s hot best friend who I’d always wanted and his equally sexy assistant stimulating me at the same time sent naughty tingles of anticipation through me.

“OK,” I said softly.

“OK, what?” Nathan growled. “Tell us exactly what you want, sweetheart.”

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