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Anna's Rear Treat (Audio)

A Taboo Age Gap Short

by Emme Cox | Narrated by Aracelis Gotay

Tied naked to the bed, I shiver with naughty anticipation. My dad’s sexy best friend is going to claim my untouched tushy… and his humiliated wife wants to watch.

Anna’s Rear Treat is a taboo age gap erotica short story. It includes first time anal, cuckquean, and humiliation themes.

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forbidden age gap dad's best friend first time anal anal only tied down cuckquean voyeur




“Are the ties too tight?”

I shook my head at Greg’s question. Completely naked, I was strapped down to the bed by my wrists and ankles with scarves.

My heart pounded, nervous anticipation alive in my stomach. I never felt more vulnerable, spread eagled on the bed, so vulgarly exposed I felt the air between my legs.

Also naked, Greg sat on the edge of the bed. I was appreciating the sexy view of his muscular body when Portia softly cleared her throat. She sat in a chair facing the bed, her face pink, an uncomfortable expression on her face.

The woman was unbelievable. Not only did she want another woman to have sex with her husband, she had demanded to watch it happen. I’d hesitated, unsure if I could handle an audience. But the thought of Greg’s wife watching as he claimed my backdoor had filled me with a naughty thrill.

“You’re so beautiful,” Greg said in a low voice. “Your body is perfect.”

He reached out and dragged his hand down my chest…

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