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Danica's Dirty Goal (Audio)

A Taboo Age Gap Short

by Emme Cox | Narrated by Declan Asher

My best friend’s innocent 18-year-old princess wants me to teach her how to have fun. However, in a dark room at a party, she admits her dirty goal: she wants to take me deep for her first time. It’s wrong as hell giving her what she wants hard and rough where we might get caught. But I don’t stop until I put my baby inside her too.

Danica’s Dirty Goal is a taboo age gap erotica short story. It includes a sexy older man, an inexperienced younger woman, rough and risky loving, and ends with a HEA plus baby.

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The wisest thing—the right thing—would be to leave this room now and take her home. A little distance would clear our heads and restore the boundaries of our relationship. Still, even though I knew what needed to be done, I struggled between wanting to be a good guy and wanting to take what she offered.

It’s wrong.

I’m twice her age.

She’s my best friend’s daughter.

Despite all my reasoning, it was as if I suddenly became two people in one. Or my body decided to act independently of my rational, moral brain. Because I was climbing onto the bed then on top of Danica.

“Was fooling around with your daddy’s friend on your fun list?” I asked softly.

“No, but it’s part of a life goal I’ve had for a while.”

“What exactly is the whole goal?”

“Getting the man I’ve had a crush on for years to take me.”

Lust surged inside me at her confession. I lowered my face to her neck and inhaled. A groan rumbled through my chest as the sweet scent of her perfume and body lotion flooded my senses.

She shuddered as my lips brushed against her neck and along her jaw. When I kissed her, she immediately opened to me as I pushed my tongue into her mouth. I took great delight in her moan. I rutted on top of her stomach, the need to slide deep inside her climbing as my guilt rapidly receded.

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