Fallon's Baby Fever

A Taboo Age Gap Cuckold Short

by Emme Cox

My best friend’s gorgeous 18-year-old Little Princess wants a baby, and she wants me to put it in her. I know it’s wrong. She’s half my age and my buddy’s precious girl. But I’m eager to give her what she wants hard and deep while her jealous, humiliated boyfriend watches.

Fallon’s Baby Fever is a taboo age gap cuckold erotica short story. It features a sexy older man breeding his sweet younger woman, humiliation of a voyeur boyfriend, and scorching hot rough loving.

~ Approx. 4,500 words

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forbidden age gap breeding dad's best friend cuckold voyeur




Tense silence filled my bedroom.

Clive and Fallon’s expressions were the exact opposite of each other. Whereas Fallon radiated nervous excitement, Clive looked like he was about to witness a nightmare unfold. I suppose it was for him. But for me, it was a goddamn dream come true.

“Should I take my clothes off?” Fallon offered.

“Let me do it,” I said.

I stepped closer and slipped her dress straps down her arms. When it fell to the floor at her feet, I was pleasantly surprised to discover she wasn’t wearing a bra nor panties. Even Clive looked stunned.

The sight of Fallon’s naked body sent blood rushing south. Her creamy skin was flawless, her breast tips the same pink as her lips. I wondered if between her thighs was the exact same colour too. I licked my lips, eager to find out.

“Jesus. You’re the best gift I’ve ever unwrapped, sweetheart.” I gently squeezed her shoulders as I drank her in, hoping to imprint this stunning view permanently in my brain. Then I slowly turned her to face Clive. “Isn’t your girlfriend the most gorgeous woman you’ve ever seen?”

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