Beverly's Bedtime Wish

A Taboo Age Gap Short

by Emme Cox

My gorgeous 18-year-old ward has a naughty wish: she wants me to use her hard and rough while she pretends to rest. I struggle to be a good man and do the right thing, but I can’t resist when she begs me for every thick inch.

Beverly’s Bedtime Wish is a taboo age gap erotica short story. It includes guardian/ward, breeding, and consensual pretend sleep themes.

~ Approx. 3,600 words

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forbidden age gap breeding guardian ward




I continued down the hallway and carried Beverly into her room. The moon was full tonight, casting some of its silvery light through the curtains and onto the bed. I lay Beverly down then I straightened.

God, she was so beautiful. Her fair skin was flawless, her dark wavy hair lustrous in the moonlight. When her eyes were open, they were a stunning shade of blue that lightened or darkened depending on her mood.

Our kiss had been replaying in my mind all day. Now I was going to get more than a kiss. My hands shook with excitement as I eased Beverly pajama shorts down her thighs. My heart drummed in my chest when I peeled off her panties next…

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