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At The Exhibit

Forbidden Age Gap Sex

by Emme Cox

When Simon overhears my naughty sexual fantasy, I’ve never felt more ashamed. He’s the sexy man in charge of my ex, and my boss’s boss at the museum. But to my surprise, Simon’s eager to make my fantasy real. In a dark room at the exhibit with others close by, he presses me against a wall and gives it to me bare and deep.

At The Exhibit is a sizzling quick read featuring raunchy, risky rough loving.

~ Approx. 5,000 words | 21 pages

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age gap breeding forbidden ex's dad rough sex risky sex sneaky sex public sex




“You said good things come to those who wait.” He walks me backward until my back is pressed against a wall. He lowers his head, his lips close to mine. “I’ve waited long enough for you, Darcy.”

Then he kisses me, his tongue dragging along the seam of my lips before slipping into my mouth. He tightens his grip on my waist as he kisses me and I don’t know what hits me hardest: the shock or the lust.

Mr. Garner dominates me with his hungry kiss. He presses me against the wall with his hard body, grabs my hands and pins them above my head. His free hand roams over me, exploring me as his tongue swirls with mine. He slides his hand down my waist then back up to cup my flesh.

He leaves me breathless when he breaks our kiss. My heart drums rapidly in my chest. I’m sure he can feel each beat when he palms and squeezes me over my shirt.

I squirm, my body arching to meet his touch. Even though I’m enjoying it, I’m still reeling that my ex’s dad, an off-limits man twice my age, is feeling me up in a dark room.

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