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In The Attic

Forbidden Age Gap Sex

by Emme Cox

Hunky ex-con Tyler is fresh out of prison and wants more than the cake I baked him. I’m his ex’s Little Princess but Tyler doesn’t care. While a bible study is going on below, in the attic he spreads me for a taste. It’s so wrong. We might get caught! Yet it feels so good when he goes deep.

In The Attic is a sizzling taboo erotica quick read. It features an older man younger woman / age gap relationship. It also includes breeding and raunchy, risky rough sex.

~ Approx. 4,100 words | 17 pages

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age gap breeding forbidden rough sex mom's ex risky sex sneaky sex




“It’s perfect, just like the girl who made it.” Tyler’s voice is low and seductive. He squeezes my arm and leans his face close. “I bet you taste just as sweet as the cake you baked, princess.”

My stomach flips, my heart beating a little faster. Oh my god. Tyler is flirting with me! This is really wrong. It’s even worse that it’s working. My stomach is quivery and between my legs tingly and warm.

Shocked by Tyler’s words and disturbed by my inappropriate reaction to them, I lurch to my feet away from Tyler’s touch.

“I—I should go. I have homework…”

He grabs my hand and pulls me in between his legs.

“It can wait. Just like I waited.”

“For what?”


Tyler glides his free hand up along the inside of my right thigh. He watches me closely as he presses his fingers against me through my panties.

I gasp and instinctively rock forward to meet his touch. Then I remember this is really wrong. That Tyler and I are totally off-limits to each other and he shouldn’t touch me like this at all.

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