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Obeying Him - Part 2 (Audio)

A Forbidden Submission Story

by Emme Cox | Narrated by Nikki Diamond

A special choker around my neck, I willingly submit to my guardian Jack. Even though others are nearby, Jack demands total obedience. And it continues with me on my knees putting my bratty mouth to good use until it’s Jack’s turn to spread me wide for a naughty taste.

Obeying Him - Part 2 is the second in a sizzling taboo age gap 3-part serial. It is an erotic short story that contains themes that may be highly offensive to some such as: cheating, guardian / ward, domination / submission, and consensual body control play.

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“I might as well live up to your perception that I’m a ‘pervert.’” Jack smirked. “And what this pervert really wants to do is to lick you. Do you want me to, sweetheart?”

I bit my lips together. I should say no. I should remind him of who we were to each other and why it was wrong if he did that. But the thought of Jack’s face between my legs, his tongue tasting me aroused me like never before.

I nodded, too ashamed to speak.

“I need you to say it out loud.”

“Yes, Jack,” I said softly. I was sure my face was as red as tomato by now. “I want you to lick me.”

“Good girl,” Jack said. “Alexa, remove your panties, pull your feet up in the couch, and spread your legs wide for me.”

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