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Obeying Him - Part 1 (Audio)

A Forbidden Submission Story

by Emme Cox | Narrated by Nikki Diamond

I’m on thin ice after my latest screw-up. So I’m shocked when my guardian Jack gifts me a choker necklace. Soon, I learn there’s a catch. Jack demands total obedience. And it begins when I willingly submit to his naughty command to spread wide for him.

Obeying Him - Part 1 is the first in a sizzling taboo age gap 3-part serial. It is an erotic short story that contains themes that may be highly offensive to some such as: cheating, guardian / ward, domination / submission, and consensual body control play.

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Maybe it wasn’t a bad idea to let Jack train me after all. I could make it up to him for all the times I’d disappointed him and caused him stress.

“OK,” I said quietly, lowering my hand from my neck. “I’ll do it. I consent to the training.”

“Do you consent to obey my commands even if they’re a little inappropriate?”

I swallowed. “Inappropriate how?”

“I asked you a question first, Alexa,” he said. “Either you consent and we continue, or you don’t consent and you give me back the choker. You have a choice. What will it be?”

I opened then closed my mouth. What inappropriate commands did he have in mind? While I was nervous, my curiosity won out.

“Yes, I consent to obey your commands… even if they’re inappropriate.”

Jack smiled. “Good. Then let’s get started.” He swept his gaze down my body, a hungry look in his blue eyes. Suddenly, I felt naked in my black tank top and grey shorts. “Alexa, get naked.”

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