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Baby Making While Everyone Watches

A Forbidden Age Gap Spanking Story

by Emme Cox

My best friend’s gorgeous Little Princess has displeased The Clan. As the Captain and the one in charge of her, the only way to protect her is to punish her publicly. While everyone watches, she submits to a thorough spanking. But when it’s over, she wants more. She wants me to go deep. Even if it’s wrong, I’m making her mine by putting my baby in her too.

Baby Making While Everyone Watches is a scorching hot and deliciously taboo erotica short story. It features an older man younger woman / age gap relationship. It also includes spanking, breeding, pregnancy, and public sex themes.

~ Approx. 4,500 words | 19 pages

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“I think she wants more than a spanking from Captain,” says one of the women with a smirk. “And we want a good show.”

The others sound their agreement. Josie lowers her gaze and sucks her bottom lip into her mouth, clearly ashamed. It doesn’t escape me she hasn’t taken my offer to leave. She’s still bent over the desk.

“Is that true, Josie? You want more than a spanking?” I ask, stepping close to her again. I sweep my tingling hand down her back and over her vibrantly pink cheeks, enjoying the way she shivers and arcs into my touch. When she doesn’t reply, I give her a swat which earns me a whimper from her. “Answer me.”

“Yes,” she breathes out.

All my rationalizations why it’s wrong to take her gets thrown out the window. I skim my fingers down. She moans when I press my fingers against her.

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