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Baby Making While Her Boyfriend Watches

A Forbidden Age Gap Cuckold Story

by Emme Cox

I overhear my best friend’s gorgeous Little Princess lamenting that her boyfriend is terrible at sex. Well, she deserves a real man who’ll make her scream. Who better than me? While her weak boyfriend watches, she begs me to go deep. And when I give her what she wants, I can't resist putting my baby in her too.

Baby Making While Her Boyfriend Watches is a scorching hot and deliciously taboo erotica short story. It features an older man younger woman / age gap relationship. It also includes cuckold, breeding, pregnancy, and voyeur sex themes.

~ Approx. 4,900 words | 20 pages

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She lets out another whimper. My god, I’m getting addicted to her responsiveness. Groaning, I press her deeper into the bed as I take my fill of her sweet mouth. I rut against her, the friction of my underwear rubbing over my sensitive flesh.

Then I break our kiss and drag my lips down her neck. She gasps when my mouth covers the spot where her pulse is ticking rapidly. I lap repeatedly over her smooth skin then suck on it.

She whimpers again and lifts her hips, trembling when she feels my hard flesh through my pants pressing against her.

“Owen, this is wrong,” she says in a breathy voice even as she continues writhing against me. “If Dad finds out… we shouldn’t do this with my boyfriend watching either…”

“He has to watch, sweetheart.” I trail my lips over her chest. I ignore the part about Mitch finding out. “You said it yourself. He’s no good at this. Let him watch and learn.”

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