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Their Dirty Aim

Forbidden MFMM Sex

by Emme Cox

I’m so embarrassed when Spencer, the older man who takes care of me, discovers a dirty group video I like to watch. Even more so he accurately guesses it’s my secret fantasy too. But when Spencer invites his two friends over, I learn their dirty aim: all three older men intend to make my fantasy a reality by claiming me hard and bare at the same time.

Their Dirty Aim is a scorching hot and deliciously taboo erotica short story. It features a foursome relationship where 3 older men are only focused on 1 lucky young woman. It also includes age gap, group, and shared sex themes.

~ Approx. 4,800 words | 20 pages

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Warmth fills my cheeks at their compliments and blatant lust. I like it but it makes me nervous too. I’m hyperaware I’m all alone with three older men in my bedroom—even if one of them is someone I’ve known for years.

“I know.” Spencer’s tone is rough and possessive. “She’s all mine.”

His words shock me but they’re not as surprising as when he slides his hands down my arms then back up in a gentle caress. The way his rough palms glide against my skin makes me shiver. He has never touched me like this before. It feels way too intimate.

“Spencer, what’s going on?” I ask in a soft voice. Spencer tightens his hold on me and pulls me back against his hard body. Then he lowers his head, his lips close to my ear.

“I told my friends about the dirty video you were watching, sweetheart,” he says, his low voice rumbling through his chest and my back.

“Why?” I gasp, fresh shame filling me.

“Because I wanted their help making your fantasy come true. You’re in luck. They’re more than happy to help me give you what you want.”

My eyes widen and my face warms.

“You mean… you want to…?” I can’t even finish the obscene sentence.

“Yes. We all want you,” Spencer growls.

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