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Their Dirty Game

Forbidden MFMM Sex

by Emme Cox

Eric, the older man in charge of me, says everybody has a price. And he intends to prove that to his two friends by offering me money to take off my clothes. But when I’m finally naked, the men want to play a different game. Soon, I surrender to the three older men as they claim me hard and bare at the same time.

Their Dirty Game is a scorching hot and deliciously taboo erotica short story. It features a foursome relationship where 3 older men are only focused on 1 lucky young woman. It also includes age gap, group, and shared sex themes.

~ Approx. 4,300 words | 18 pages

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age gap breeding group sex shared gangbang mfmm guardian ward forbidden




This is so out of line. Beyond inappropriate. I’m not supposed to be naked in front of three older men like this. And they’re not supposed to look at me like they’re on the brink of leaping across the table to devour me.

“Fucking amazing,” Greg rasps.

Mitch has his hand in his lap. The table’s edge blocks my view, but his hand makes subtle movements. I’m pretty sure Mitch is touching himself as he watches me.

A heavy tension settles in the room. My skin is hot with awareness. I feel like a piece of meat on display in front of three ravenous beasts.

To my shame, I love it. Their stares make my stomach flutter and warmth spread between my legs.

There’s no denying this.

Eric and his friends want me.

Eric stands and my heart races as he comes to stand in front of me. He looks down at me with lust in his eyes.

“Thank you for playing with me, sweetheart,” Eric says in a low voice. “You did well. Now there’s a new game I want you to play with us.”

“What kind of game?” I ask, even though I know the answer.

“In this game, my friends and I are going to test if you can handle all of us at the same time.”

He moves behind me and pulls me back against him. This is all happening so fast. I start to tremble.

“Eric, we shouldn’t… it’s wrong…” I say softly.

“I don’t care,” he growls against my ear.

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