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Ebook cover of Punished: Daddy Spanked & Seeded Me by Neve Nox

Punished: Daddy Spanked & Seeded Me

A Daddy Daughter Noncon Story

by Neve Nox

Daddy found out everything. Furious, he doesn’t care my uncle coerced and used me. He punishes me. Bent over, my wrists tied, I endure Daddy’s hard spanking. Then it gets worse. I’m his 18-year-old daughter, yet my wicked father takes his turn roughly filling and seeding me against my will. ~ Part Two of a 3-part serial. It features daddy daughter incest, spanking, noncon sex, and forced breeding.

~ Approx. 5,000 words | 21 pages

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taboo daddy daughter father daughter noncon incest breeding spanking



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