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Ebook cover of His Thick Gift by Emme Cox

His Thick Gift

A Taboo Age Gap Short

by Emme Cox

Late at night, Mr. Carson, my best friend’s sexy dad, offers me a going-away gift. I follow him to his dark shed, only for him to explore forbidden places on me with his fingers and mouth. When he finally gives me his gift, it’s too much for me to handle. I’m supposed to be a nice girl, but determined Mr. Carson bends me over and makes me naughty.

His Thick Gift is a taboo age gap short story. It features a sexy dilf / older man claiming a younger woman, rough loving, and breeding themes.

~ Approx. 3,500 words | 14 pages

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forbidden age gap breeding best friend's dad sneaky sex




“And what was the man doing to you, sweetheart?” He was so close, I felt his body heat.

“He was… he was groping me.”

“Yes. He grabbed your butt…”

Mr. Carson cupped my butt and squeezed it. I gasped and trembled, shocked by what was happening right now. My best friend’s father was touching me in a place he shouldn’t!

“Mr. Carson—”

My words slipped away when Mr. Carson embraced me from behind, then cupped my breasts. He groped me over my shirt, squeezing and fondling my breasts in his big hands. His husky voice filled my ear.

“…and felt up your breasts…”

I whimpered, overcome by shock and rising arousal from Mr. Carson’s dirty touch on my breasts. He held me with one hand while he continued to grope my breast, then he moved it to my thigh, sliding his palm along my skin.

“...and slid his hand under your dress to rub your between your legs.”

I wasn’t wearing a dress, but Mr. Carson was clearly determined to do everything the dream man had done to me. He pushed his hand between my thighs and rubbed my me over my shorts. I let out a shameful moan, instinctively rocking my hips to meet his fingers.

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