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At The Zoo (Audio)

Forbidden Age Gap Sex

by Emme Cox | Narrated by Nikki Diamond

Elias Munroe is not only a friend of the man-in-charge, he’s my new sexy, grumpy boss. When Elias demands to see me in his office, I’m so surprised when he asks me for a kiss. Just one taste, he says, but then he wants more. In a dark room at the zoo, I’m a very good employee as my boss pins me to a wall and works me hard just the way I like it.

At The Zoo is a sizzling quick read featuring raunchy, risky rough loving.

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Heat floods my face. “Your receptionist might walk in and see.”

He reaches behind me and quietly locks the door.

“Now she can’t.” Then he drags his lips along my neck, making me shiver. When he speaks, his voice is low and husky. “Are you going to be a good girl for me, Jade?”

“Yes,” I gasp, trembling from his touch.

He releases me and guides me around his desk. Then he takes a seat in his wheelie chair.

“Take off your pants and panties and sit on the desk,” he orders. “Then pull your feet up and keep your legs open for me. I want to see everything.”

Holy hell, this man knows how to make me squirm. I’m nervous as I undo my jeans and push them down my legs.

When my jeans and panties are off, I sit my bare butt on Elias’s desk and pull my feet up. I hesitate for a second before I spread them wide open for my boss to see everything like he asked.

“You want me like this, Elias?” I ask softly.

He takes a deep breath, his eyes dark with hunger.

“Fuck, yes,” he rasps. “Just like that.”

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